Privacy Policy You can contact QuizSun at our [email protected] email.

Personal data gathered by QuizSun

We only gather the personal data that our users voluntarily give to us.

QuizSun pledges to respect your privacy, at no time the users are “tracked” when they enjoy their experience on our website.

Futhermore, if you use the Facebook connection when you log in on QuizSun, we gather data related to your account. Here is the list:
• Your name and your user name
• Profile picture
• Unique identifier of access to Facebook
• date of birth
• E-mail address

Checking and access to personal data

QuizSun permits you to check at any time the personal data that we have about you. You have the right to consult, correct and modify the personal data that we store.

Personal data and their transfer to a third party In order to respect your personal data, QuizSun does not communicate them to other companies. This measure is made to prevent a leak of data towards unknown or malicious entities.

Use of your personal data by QuizSun

In order to organize the website and offer Services more and more adapted, QuizSun only use your personal data to improve the website, its Services and its Contents. These data are gathered during you experience on QuizSun.

Images used by QuizSun and/or E5tbarak App on Google PlayStore

In order to offer our Services we use images under Creative Commons CC0 from Pixabay, QuizSun dose not use any image that do not own. Please contact us (via [email protected]) if we used by a mistake your image/s to remove it from QuizSun and/or e5tbarak apps.

The only other cases of use of your personal data are:
• A request from the legal authorities.
• The realization of advertising audits, just as the feedback from a group who has been the subject of an advertising campaign and/or a special offer.
• The aggregation of statistical data within the framework of an advertising campaign that finances our services.